Automating Workflows, Streamlining Operations

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Work++ is a completely Java-based, embeddable workflow engine that can be used to provide a lightweight process-oriented framework that can be used as a part of any custom application. It not only provides an easy-to-use designer to help you rapidly automate your processes, but also an SDK that can be used to capture and automate the decision making process that is the core of your organization.

By providing a two-stage approach to building your business process, Work++ makes it easy for you to cover both the breadth (i.e. the process routing, workflow stages etc.) as well as the depth (i.e. the core business logic that forms the heart of your organization) in a systematic and organized manner.

Using Standalone Work++

Standalone (i.e. not embedded) Work++ is intended for use by organizations that want to bring a process-oriented methodology to their operations– and who want to tie together many different sources of data within their organization to get overall control over their core business processes.

Organizations that want to provide high-level management visibility and control, and want a low-cost, highly customizable, and high-availability/robust solution that comes with the complete source code, and scales with their business can also use Work++.

If you are a developer, and wish to build specific workflow products for specific verticals, with specialized business/ application logic, you can use Work++ and build your customized solution on top of the workflow stack.

Whatever your need, Analytica makes it easy for you to be productive with advanced developer support to help you make the best possible use of the framework.

Advantages of using a Workflow Engine

Process Based

Introduces a process-oriented, systematic approach to work. Reduced induction time and improve work quality for new hires

Knowledge Base

Serves as a knowledge repository of past business processes for the entire organization, that can be used with AI based engines to automate repetitive tasks.


Allows people to think independently, yet work together collaboratively under a shared/common framework and rules

Quality and Metrics

Allows work to be tracked, measured, and monitored. Support for measurement metrics - quality, efficiency, throughput, etc. that can be the basis for improvement.


Similar work can be processed in similar ways faster, with higher repeatability and less variation.


Use an AI plugin to automate processing of routine requests based upon knowledge/data base of previously processed requests, for up to 80% savings in time and cost

Product Features

Complex Workflows

Built to handle complex workflows - you can branch and merge workflows, route work through round robin or 'most available' rules, and easily create workflows for over 95% of your processes without even customizing Work++.

Integrated Designer

Visio based designer with drag & drop elements, connectors, and other elements to draw (and document) workflows easily and intuitively.

Eclipse SDK

Work++ also comes with an SDK that you can use to create custom workflow rules, elements, and components from within your Eclipse development environment.

Using Embedded Work++

You can embed Work++ into any of your projects to create (and distribute) your own custom application with clearly established workflows and rules, users and roles, permissions and privileges, management and reporting already pre-built. Building your application on top of a powerful, lightweight workflow engine allows you to change how work is handled and processed, routed and managed, without having to rewrite the core of your application.

Take advantage of a host of tutorial videos and Analytica's Developer Support channels to help you get started with understanding and working with our Workflow Engine.