Solar Power

RFID Based Management for Large Scale Solar Power Generation

The PV Burner Suite of products is used in utility scale solar panel deployments, to help with performance and lifecycle tracking, management, and maintenance of each individual solar panel. Being able to manage and track each individual solar panel allows you to collect metrics on the performance and other issues associated with solar panels from any number of different manufacturers, while keeping the entire deployment running at peak efficiency.

If you are a Solar Cell Manufacturer

Running a utility-scale solar farm involves many interlinked teams, that are together responsible for maintaining the overall health of the system. This often involves pulling poorly performing solar cells out for diagnostics and repair, and replacing them with other cells in the meantime. The repaired cells may be put back at the same or different location. Not having a way to uniquely track these cells across all the maintenance activities carried out, makes it very difficult for a utility to gather any meaningful information on failure modes by manufacturer, lot number, or any other classification

Water and Weatherproof

Starting with a water-resistant tag, building up an encapsulation that is IP68 compliant, and finally to a lamination process with the solar panel that gives you an all-weather identification system that has an estimated life of 50 years at 93°C, that rivals the life of the panel itself.

Scanning Integration

Each Id is pre-coded to be MNRE-compliant - and the entire manifest of solar panels can be directly imported into ERP systems designed to manage utility scale solar panel installations, like Alectris, for easy deployment.

Field Testing

The advanced data compression algorithms used in our encoded tag allow you to store manufacturer name, model and serial number, month and year of manufacture, wattage, Im, Vm, FF and even the I-V curve for that module - allowing instant diagnostics in the field using our custom PV software on a mobile device.

For a Solar Power Utility

Purchasing an MNRE-compliant solar panel with our patented technology not only gives you a stress-tested 50 years of service life with unlimited read-write cycles at 93°C average temperature (rivaling the life of the panel itself), but also peace of mind that it is designed to comply with internationally recognized standards and protocols - to integrate with connectors for a wide range of solar panel management, test, and repair systems.

This standards compliance allows for easy integration with ERP systems like Alectris, SAP, Oracle NetSuite, or any other ERP specifically designed for large-scale solar panel deployments. In addition, the custom encoding scheme used advanced data compression techniques makes it possible to store a number of test and performance related data pertaining to each solar panel directly within the tag - so that it is possible to not only read the unique identity number of the solar panel, but also it's baseline performance characteristics like the Im, Vm, and even the I-V curve for the panel.

Using a mobile (Android or Window CE) RFID reader, it is now possible for technicians to check the performance of solar panels against their baseline characteristics,and to fix any connectivity or other service-related issues in the field. Any solar panel failure can also be dianosed in the field, and a repair service request generated, that can be conveyed to the back-end ERP system. Any replacement panels placed at that location can also be scanned in updated in the ERP system for real-time visibility of maintenance operations.