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    Advanced Data Aggregation
    Aggregate distributed Sensor data
    From monitoring sensors in defense, medical, or the supply chain, one platform pulls it all together.
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    Advanced Analysis
    Providing Real-time Operational Intelligence
    Use a combination of asynchronous big-data processing, trainable neural network based AI's, and clustered stream-data processing to provide quick, actionable, and relevant data for decision support.
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    Advanced Design
    Building Intuitive and Performant Systems
    Powerful Decision Support Systems with beautiful user interfaces that work seamlessly across both mobile devices and workstations to support a dynamic, mobile workforce.
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    Guaranteeing Results
    Proving Renewable Technology with Investment
    Confidence and belief in our technology in solar and renewable power goes beyond just guaranteeing results; we also invest over 70 million of our renewable energy portofolio in large renewable power installations worldwide.

Analytica designs, builds, and maintains critical systems worldwide

From medical, to automotive supply chain, to defence - we are behind infrastructure that powers mission-critical systems in over 19 countries all over the world. Our early adoption of new technologies, and our ability of push the envelope of what is possible, makes us the first choice of customers who view technology as a competitive edge.

The Analytica Advantage


From embedded systems, to clustered big-data processing engines that are cloud-ready and can PaaS/SaaS compliant - we architect and engineer secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant systems that are easy to manage and complement the way you work.


We know from experience that a successful implementation of cutting edge technology also involves user training, management involvement, technology transfer, and establishment of local support infrastructure - so we automatically include them as a part of every project we execute.


We provide 24x7x365 support directly in the Americas and the Middle East. We also work with our Trusted Technology Partner network to provide the same level of support everywhere else in the world.

Our Core Principles

Strong Security

Security is built-in at the design level into every one of our implementations, with the ability to upgrade to military-grade encryption.

Easy Interoperability

Our designs build on and expose a rich set of API's that you can use to integrate with your back-end systems using C/C++, Java, Python or PHP.

Open Standards

Our commitment to open standards is the key to our success in building quality software and systems that sparks community involvement and support.

Usability Focus

Designs that are user-centric and focus on intuitiveness make for higher user adoption and productivity. And much easier support as you scale up.

Mobile Ready

User interfaces that are designed to work seamlessly across workstations and mobile devices from the beginning. Retina display ready and orientation angostic.

Speed & Performance

Our user interfaces are designed for blazing speed. The few libraries that we use are picked for security and raw performance, for the best user experience.

We provide custom software development in areas that need complex analysis of big data.

Email us for more information, and for case studies that are relevant to your business.